Splash Pad

We went to the splash pad today with our friends Whitney and Max.  Eli was so excited to jump in the water.  Once I let him loose he took off and had a blast.  He came back a few times to look at Max and even grabbed his hand to "help" him splash in the water.  Eli loves babies right now so he had fun with Max.  And yes he still considers Max a baby even though Max is about ready to pass him up in height.

It was great to catch up with Whitney.  We were in the El Ed program together at BYU and a year after we graduated were lucky enough to teach at the same school.  She is so great!  I love talking to her about everything.  She is wonderful and such a dear friend and good example.  


Katie Petersen said...

Awesome! So fun you girls got to get together! Eli is such a cutie.

-Gs said...

LOVVVVE your cute babies!

Whitney said...

We LOVED see you two. Can we just live next door so we can get together and chat every day?! I love talking to and learning from you. This needs to be a first of many get-togethers this summer! Also, I'm going to steal these pictures for my blog!