There were days during my pregnancy with Maverick that I was so excited for Eli to have a little brother.  There were other days that I wondered how in the world I was going to take care of a newborn while chasing after Eli.  Sometimes it really scared me!  Eli can be really crazy!  Sometimes I wondered if we were having our children too close together.  In the end I decided that no matter how far apart my children are, there will be challenges.  This age difference is going to be great.  I'm glad they are close and hope they will grow up to be the best of friends. 

Maverick came into this world screaming!  Michael and I laughed about having another loud child, however, as soon as Mav was wrapped up and cuddling with me he calmed right down.  That's how he's been ever since.  Calm and quiet.  The perfect little brother for Eli!  


Andrew & Elise said...

Brittany, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't NOT comment. They are so cute and it gets me so excited to have my little boy within the next month.

Stephanie said...

These are the most beautiful, make my heart melt pictures! What a perfect reflection of the love of brothers.

Mary said...

These are so cute. Two perfect little boys for my little girls. And I'm glad they came in opposite temperament order from mine--maybe they can balance each other out. :)