What ________ Looks Like

First up, belly pictures.  
Every one keeps asking so here they are.  

                                       20 Weeks                                                    28 Weeks

                                       32 Weeks                                                  38 Weeks -1 day

At this point I literally feel that if this baby gets any bigger my belly might just pop.  There really is no room left!  But compared to what some people have to deal with I really don't have anything to complain about.  I really do feel great.  

  I'm 38 weeks tomorrow which is when I delivered Eli so I'm trying really hard not to feel "done". 

 It's not working.  

I'm. So. Done! 

I still have more things to get but it's a process and we will keep chipping away at it.  For now its way more than we had.  We also have some water stored on the bottom that you can't see. 

Each boy has their own side and things are clearly labeled so Michael can find their clothes too.  :)

I wanted to make a special blanket for the new baby.  I found this idea on pinterest.  Super easy and fast.  I really love it.  I found the animal print fabric at Joann and the minky I got on sale at Fabric.com.

 I made Eli's bedding but never felt like I did a great job and it wasn't holding up well anyway.  So I decided to try again.  Libby and Julia both gave me some great tips.  After making my first pad cover and having it turn out horrible I decided to call my Grandma who also happens to be a wonderful seamstress.  She said she would take over the project for me.  And boy am I glad she did.  She gave me one completed bumper today and it looks FABULOUS!  I'm so happy I didn't have to make it.  It gave me a lot more time to focus on organizing my overflowing house!  Thanks Grandma! 

I have also made some freezer meals and worked on other random projects.  (Some of which I'll show you when everything in the nursery in officially completed.  Getting ready for baby #2 is a lot different than baby #1, but just as exciting.  Now I'm just waiting for him to arrive.  Send some positive thoughts my way please!  


Julia said...

Do you want to come organize my house? After the baby comes of course since you'll have plenty of time;)
Seriously though, I need to take some notes. I've been needing to re-organize for a while now.

Sounds like you're about ready! Can't wait to meet the little man!

Strong Clan said...

You look so darling! I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see pictures of the little man.

lisa said...

You are ridiculous. So dang cute!!